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First - Can you make it possible to send personal messages?
Second - I would love it if you could've put some other information on the pokemon.
And third - Can you make some sort of a sign on each and everybody's profile so we can see if he/she is online.
I really appreciate your hard work on the site - thank you!

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Please explain #2 better, what "other information" are you talking about?
Is #2 like your opinion?
I meant origin, some cool facts like, for example, "Crobat is the fastest poison type pokemon until the fifth gen".
You mean Trivia
Yes, some sort of a trivia
They have trivia on Bulbapedia if you're really that interested.

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#2 - yeah, good idea to add more information, but I don't want to be like Bulbapedia where they add dozens of not-very-interesting 'facts' like that Bulbasaur is the first grass/poison pokemon in the pokedex (duh!)

I'm thinking of adding a few paragraphs of text for each pokemon describing them. Trachy asked a question to do that but he hid it...

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Me too lazy. Plus, it would have been on the competitive aspects on the Pokemon.