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Wow, neither Seribii or Bulbapedia has that! Thanks!

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That is because Pokemaster is awesome.

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You're welcome!

TM changes have also been added (there were only like 5 of them, most notable Klinklang with Wild Charge).

HMs and egg moves had no changes.

Level up moves are in progress. I'm about 10% done.

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Must...vote up...question...
What TMs were added to which Pokemon? I would rather not look through them all.
Wow a lot for only ten percent! Pokemaster you da bomb!
I added to the B2W2 info thread but here they are also:

167 Spinarak / 168 Ariados :
_TM81 X-Scissor

214 Heracross :
_TM08 Bulk Up

509 Purrloin / 510 Liepard :
_TM89 U-Turn

573 Cinccino :
_TM46 Thief

599 Klink / 600 Klang / 601 Klinklang :
_TM93 Wild Charge