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Victini Victory has a big problem. His password isn't working. He tried to log in. For "E-mail or Username" he entered Victini Victory and for password he entered...his password. But it said the password is wrong! We clicked on Forgot my Password, but we realized his dad's email, the one he used for his accout, we don't have the password for it! So, can you help?

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Sorry v-c the title wont stop people looking at this and though i respect you as a friend its getting very obvious that vv is you.
You joined a few hours after vv supposibly left and supposibly would never come back.
You quoted that you met him yesterday (when you joined that is) and that he was your distant relative/cousin that you had met for the same time.
You then said he lived a few countries away from you.
Now hes in your house trying to log in? the fact he joined this site out of millions the moment you left, similar names and then on one of trachys teams you put good as usual as if you had seen his teams before and knew him well, only hours afte rbeing active on the site.
Ouch...... That hurts, Blob :3
But the thing about meeting Ayan for the first time is very doubtful indeed.
Also, they are supposedly both the same age, and his friend list is rather long and somewhat descriptive for only being here for a week, sorry but im backing blobyolo on this one.
Sorry V-c :(
I'm not meeting him for the first time, I found out he is on the site soon after he left. And I didn't join straight after he left. In fact I've been checking out this site for a few months. I know people here because VV told me about them. Example, he told me Rio and me both love Subway and all that stuff. And he doesn't live a few countries away, he lives in Asia, I live in North America. Also VV said he may come back to the site and now that the...issue...is resolved he can go back. But I can only be on the summer. I am really busy on school year. He is visiting from Asia and staying with me (+ A massive amount of relatives) and that's why he's trying to log in from here. I put that comment on Trachy's teams as I had seen them when I went on his RMT profile.

Blob, I'm not trying to prove you wrong, just don't wanna get banned or lose my friends because everyone thinks I'm VV.
Im not really annoyed with you wether you are a duplicate im just stating that its very obvious all of these facts and similarities.
I dont want to cause a fight so i will leave it there
Me and VV seem to be alike, we are actually horribly different.

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Sorry, no. If you don't have access to the email address I can't help. Try putting that email address in the "Email or Username" field, as you could have gotten the username slightly wrong (it seems like you have it right but you never know).

Otherwise, if he doesn't remember the password he'll just have to wait until he gets back home.

And for others: I checked both accounts and the story checks out, so stop throwing round wild accusations without any evidence. Thanks.

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Oh, so he'll have to use it at home? Bummer.

And Thanks so much Pokemaster, you're the best!
Half the mods have checked out the IP addresses and people don't stop believing that they are duplicates... :/