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I've looked at a few sources for animated Pokemon sprites, and Pokecheck seems to have the best/most correct versions. Trouble is, they just replaced all their sprites with BW2 versions.

Anyone know if or where I could get their BW1 sprites? I know there are other sites like pe2k, pdlh etc but theirs are not as good quality.

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What do you mean by "not as good quality"?
Mainly they are the right speed and correct animations. Pokestadium's for example are too fast and some of the parts are shortened I think. Also Pokecheck's are a smaller file size.

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pldh seems fine. Also, there's a glitch on Pokecheck. The Pokemon who usually sway side to side don't, the just remain straight. However, the Pokemon who were affected, like Hitmontop, Chandelure, and Crobat didn't undergo sprite changes in B2/W2.

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Other Pokemon affected on Pokecheck I will list here and edit as I go:
- Forretress
- Blissey
- Miltank
- Rotom-H
- Rotom-F
- Rotom-C
- Rotom-W
- Starmie
- Staryu
- Omanyte
- Omastar
Yeah, you're right there. Looks like Pokecheck isn't so great after all. Thanks for the input Mew.

Edit: also, do you know if there are animated back sprites and shiny sprites anywhere apart from Pokecheck.
They fixed the glitch, Pokemaster.
Is there anyone with the Shiny animations?  I mean, why not add those?