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The best move combos page apparently has a crap ton of answers so I figured that since we have so many we can move the good ones to a seperate page in te "other stuff" or "advanced" section of the site as a further resource to players. If this change does happen people can still post combos in that question however the ones that got moved to the seperate page get hidden as they can be seen there.

This a example is how it would look on the page

Swagger and punishment is awesome. It not only confuses your opponet,
but it raises his attack power. That will make swagger hurt him more
and it will raise the power of punishment

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I don't see a reason for moving them. They are there on that page, if people want to read them they can go through the pages on that question.

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I was seeing this as a more guest-friendly sort of thing but whatever you say boss :)
Anyone can view that page, not just members.