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Like for example lets say a new user ask a RMT. I comment on it to give a suggestion. Some later comments on it talking to me. I have no idea if someone commented back unless i go back and check the question everytime it gets a comment(Which would be pretty annoying). Or lets say you comment on a question asking the user who answer about some information. You never know if they ever commented back unless you check. So what i suggest is that when somebody wants to reply to you they can type @Unrecognizable before typing a message it would alert the user saying "You just got a new comment" and if they are not online it would pop up when they log in. Sort of like how youtube tells you when someone reply to your comment on a video.

Dr.Flame answers a question about how to get the stones on B/W saying that you can find them in the duskclouds inside of caves. I have a question about the stones so i comment asking him about it. If he replies with "@Unrecognizable" then his comment i would get a little message at the bottom of my screen telling me i got a reply to my comment.

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thats why we have the "Email me _________ when someone comments on this question"
Do you want to go check your email every five or so minutes plus if you check that everytime someone comments you get a email and big questions with a lot of comments would flood your inbox

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You can do one of two things:

  1. Tick the "Email me" checkbox, then you will get an alert sent to your inbox.
  2. Go to the "My updates" section which shows you all your replies.
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Yea i understand that but if i do that its everything that happens in that question and i have to constantly check until someone replies.