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I should probably start from the beginning.

Earlier today we were met the user named Dragonuser we looked at his I.P. (a lot of new users with Dragon in their name so I was suspicious) and found that he had your I.P. address, confused we asked him if he was you, but we soon found out that was very unlikely (his dragonite moveset answer convinced me). Then later I noticed that 5 days ago Linkpower and NJDevil logged in with YOUR I.P.! So most of the chat is convinced that either you are/controlled by an evil robot army that wants to take over the world, that you are possessed, or were just editing something in/out of their profiles (my guess).

Can you clear this up before they launch a nuke at England?

Note: For the fun of it users comment which guess you would stake your life on :D

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i thought you were possessed :3
no hard feelings, right?
Haha, this happened a bit ago. The world only has so many IPs.

You can restart your router to get a new IP (Shadow cough cough).

**It's a small chance, but possible for two routers to have the same IP.**
That would not explain 2 inactive users logging in with Pokemasters IP on the same day and doing nothing. I still think my guess is correct. Or else the Robot thing because it is entertaining. GET YOUR EMP BOMBS OUT :D
It is obvious that we are all correct. There is more than one pokemaster, remember? :3
Maybe he is doing something like that TV show undercover boss? Unlikely but possible
Maybe they're all round his house for a sleepover.
Ninja Shadow didn't reset his router to get a new IP.You really should not assume.
Lol guys,
It's probably just a bug.
I noticed this before with PB. He has twice shared an IP with users.
So there IP address just happened to match the FOUNDER of this site, THE Pokemaster? Coincidence? Unlikely. Ready the Cannons!

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Go ahead, just TRY and do anything to England. We are at an all time security high due to the Olympics :D

Seriously though just to clear up, none of those accounts are me. The "last write action" time seems to correlate with when I edited a user's answer or question, but I can't find a way to replicate it. Trachy's IP is on a bunch of accounts too, but not the other mods' as far as I can see.

I think there is probably a bug in the system somewhere, I'll check into it.

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Lol I forgot about the Olympics :3
How!!!! :o
I dunno. :3