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Yep, it's a good idea! The one year anniversary will be April 20th, by the way, so it's a long way off yet.

If you like we can start thinking of some award categories, and maybe we can make some nominations for the polls. Then run the polls during April maybe.

Here are a few possiblities. For PokeBase we can have things like Best Question, Best Answer, Best overall user, Best moderator (including the experts), Best moveset suggestion.

We could also do general Pokemon ones if you like, e.g. Best Pokemon, Best Move, best pokemon of each type, etc etc.

I will look into perhaps getting a poll script and adding to this site, but otherwise do you know any good websites where you can run online polls?

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I don't but I'm guessing Will might. I'll ask him. And yeah, I think it would be fun to also do awards for Pokemon in general, a little bit of an awards show for Gen IV, seeing as Gen V is on its way.
I'm not sure if this will work well, but you can create Polls on this site. Only problem is that it's public, but have a look.
> http://www.quibblo.com/create   ~
How about best answer for a bad question(If you reshow that what is the best soulsilver team you will see my great answer for that horrid question)