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When you are at school you should be more focused on school work than Pokemon. Save Pokemon for after school.

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Um... How would I know, I don't run your school IT system! We don't do anything specific that would get ourselves blocked from anywhere.

If you got blocked at school you should ask whoever maintains the computers. If a site is visited often, those people will often block it, if it's not deemed an educational resource.

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It is blocked, at least on my school system.
The school servers keep track of all websites that are visited. There must've simply been a lot of traffic going to PokemonDB from school computers at your school, so the person who runs the server blocked it.
Probably not. They're pretty quick to ban sites here, even if a lot of people don't use them. I used it only once on a school computer, and I haven't met any other Washintonions (or however the hell you spell people who live in Washington) on this site.
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Hmm, well in my school (In New York), this site isn't blocked!
In fact, l made my account here on PokemonDb on a school computer while researching for a project!

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