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Well its been a while since the release and we've been waiting so when are you gonna add the TM locations for pokemon black and white and the others too ?
And well once you are done with all that since it will be a while for the next game so I'd advise you to make a list of items , where to obtain them and effects.
Cheers !

Going to get the TM locations soon .

While you are on it .
I'd live it if you could make an android app version of this site.
As often you update this you could do that.
And something that does not require wi-fi .
I.e the data is saved to sd card .
I know its a lot to ask but if you could then me and many pokemon fans would be grateful to you .
Thanks anyway .
You can use this until Pokemaster gets the TM locations
Are you in need of TM locations for all games?
lf so, l can be help in Fire Red because l can start a new game and write down TM locations as l go along.
I know the serebii that is the reason im tellin pokemaster to change it so that this site is complete .
thanks anyway !!
Hi Midnight Sky if you see this - yeah that would be really useful if you are able to do it! I am thinking of adding more game info to the site...

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Yea got that!! now no other pokemon site can compete with us!! BINGO!!