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I have never actually heard the word before until I joined the DB.

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I actually came up with PokeBase by shortening Pokemon Knowledgebase because it's a Q&A. But then I realized after I made it that it could also be short for Pokemon Database which is a little confusing I guess.

I have thought about changing the name but I haven't been able to think of anything great. Feel free to suggest a name :)

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^ (/.\)
I'd upvote trachy's suggestion.
(/.-) *Facepalm*
trachyland... lol...
Poke-Encyclopedia ?
On the Meta, how about something like "MetaBase"?
I was trying to think of a name that included "Q&A" but all I could make was "PoQAmon".
Mew Land? DT Database? Poke Corner?
Don't change it! I love the name. Pokebase.
Pokeon? Poke-Explosion? Pokemoncheese?
PokePedia? I know this is late, but :D