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To make trade requests on this site, you actually go into the Chat room. You can get into Chat by clicking a button in the upper right hand corner that says "Chat". You simply ask the people in there if they want to trade pokemon. If nobody responds, that means they probably dont have what you're looking for.

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The most Legitimet way to ask for a trade on the site is to post the Pokemon that you want on your profile. Make a section asking if readers have any of the following Pokemon. Then when people see you in chat they can tell you if they have any of the listed Pokemon.

Pokemon I need
- Sunkern
- Magikarp
- Arceus
- Tyranitar
- Scyther

Ok the other way to get someone to trade is for you to ask around on chat. People are usually happy to trade and sometimes you will find a hacker on chat. So patiences is needed to find someone that is suitable.

Maybe in the future we could have a trade centre but i doubt that.
Hope this Help ^^

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a trade center would be nice
That would be really cool
Don't ask for it, PM already said no.
he didnt say no, he said wait until he makes the site a forum more or less
BEN. That edit. Why? v.v