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Alright, when you go to PokeBase, in the "Useful Meta Posts" section, there is a 'question' that is "Official PokemonDb League". But when you click on it, it takes you here. Which says nothing. Shouldn't that link be hidden?

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No one has bothered to redo the useful questions section. Just to put in my suggestions for this:
Useful Posts:
How to change your username - direct link to the new thread
Db tournaments - honestly, the tournament suggestions page? I think this should lead to a page with all the ongoing tournaments.
Db showdown server - if there's a revival/merge, just edit. If not, hide until there is.
Everything else stays the same... possibly add how not to get banned or the db welcome.

Help Out
This section can stay the same.

New - Get involved
Tournament suggestions
Db league links

These are only my suggestions on the matter. Also, I'm on my iPod now, will provide links later?
...I'm just saying...
read the first sentence in my comment.
Pokemaster is the only one able to alter it, being the administrator and all.

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I've removed the link now. I think trachy is planning to edit it at some point. If/when it's done I'll put the link back.

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OK. Thanks! To Pokemaster. Not trachy.