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Well, I asked this question. I had two tabs open of that same question. I gave Poke'Slash BA on one tab. A few minutes later I went to the other tab. Her answer wasn't selected. I thought, "That's strange, I thought I gave it to her. I guess not..." ... And so I gave her BA on that tab too. Before all this, I had 158 Points. Now I have 162 for giving out two BAs. I think this should be fixed. Or, maybe everyone who looks at this question will realize what they have been missing out on and do it. Oops.

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Good on you for sharing it however. Nice of you to let us know.
I was wondering why i got the e-mail twice....
and btw, I'm a girl, but no offense  taken. ;)
lolz (is depressed that the Q got more points than the answer :D (jk))
QWERTY!!! Oh, sorry, Poke'slash. Didn't mean to!
Thanks for sharing this. I will ban anybody who does this in that case.

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I just tried this by opening the same question in multiple tabs and selecting the BA several times. I only gained 2 points.

So you probably selected BA on two different questions.

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Doesn't points work out by some equation? It can only register 1 ba per question so that would mess up the equation right?
Oh, thanks. But now I'm really confused... No matter!
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The two tabs things is strange, but it is normal to get get points for giving out BAs. You get 2 points for selecting an answer as best, so by selecting the answer as best twice you got 2 points for both of them.

If you are worried about people doing the same thing to get points on purpose, don't be. You only get 2 points from selecting BA, so you would have to be really, really patient to get a load from just that. And I don't think trolls are normally that patient.

So in conclusion, you don't have to worry about it. It's supposed to give yu points, and 2 isn't a lot anyway, so it won't be a problem.

But the person who got BA got 40 points right? So If he made a dupe, that's 40 points...
it wasn't a dupe, and it wasn't on purpose. It doesn't really matter anyway
Okay, thanks! (btw What's a dupe? lol I don't know much!)
Yeah well if a person does make a dupe that's an easy way to get points >:(
...How do you do a Ninja comment?
You can only do those if you are Ninja.
*crying because missed out on something*

Btw a Dupe is when you make a second account to troll or to upvote yourself. We are quite good at spotting dupes, so most dupes get found out and banned fairly quickly.