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let's say i am the only one in the chat room.Can I spam?

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I don't see why you want to spam so badly anyway :3

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I have kind of changed my mind about this from what I said before. It still doesn't really matter but I dislike it for a few reasons:

  • It's utterly pointless.
  • I don't see what possible enjoyment you could get from it.
  • It wastes resources on the site. (That's a fairly minor issue though, we have plenty of storage space and chat can handle dozens of people, so one person spamming on their own doesn't really hurt.)
  • When people come onto chat all they see is just spam, instead of the recent conversation. It could be some people only left for a minute.
  • Asking if you can spam is a stupid question.

In conclusion, you probably aren't gonna get banned for spamming when there is no one else there, as long as you stop when others enter the chat room.

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Yes, but you have to stop when someone else enters or awakens from being idle. Also, if someone is not idle but obviously AFK, I wouldn't spam then, because you aren't technically alone and it would be tricky to explain if they came back and saw you.

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I disagree. It shouldn't be done at all: it's against the rules. If you wanna spam open up a blank page and do so to your heart's content.

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Pokemaster said it was okay as long as it wasn't disurpting anything and that the spammer be alone. I see your point though.
Well not that I have a problem with it, I just thought the right thing to suggest was what was according to the Rules. I agree with your answer though.
What's with people and spamming these days >.>
Somthing about just SLAMMING you head,butt, hand, and other parts on the keyboard makes people like me Happy!
Wait wut? Butt? ....