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Why lose any points for down voting answers when you are just expressing your opinion?

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Ok, i'll explain .

Users doesnt want to lose their points but when theres an answer/question that i really bad they can downvote and lose some points. If you didnt lose points by downvoting. The trolls could downvote every answer on the entire site.

Simple answer: No spam downvotes

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Ok I see.
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It prevents spam down-voting

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Im too slow...
Lol I just went for the short and sweet explanation while you explained a bit better tbh lol
Yeah, but your answer still helps
Ok thanks!
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Let me be clear:

Down-voting is NOT an opinion on Pokebase.

Down voting should be done whenever you see a wrong answer. No exceptions.

But the -2 is so people can't abuse the crap out of it before they get banned.

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Um OK...