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I know that the moderators/editors/Pokemaster have eyes like hawks and that spam-upvoters get caught in no-time, but I was brainstorming and I came up with an idea. I was wondering if there could be a limit in upvoting one particular user frequently in a time limit, for example: You can't upvote one user more then 10-20 times in like 5 minutes. I think this would even diminish the amount of spam-upvotes. With the hawk eyes combined and the new system enforced spam-upvoters would have to deal with this double wall. This is just a suggestion.

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DB~Valet, registered user

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I was also thinking that if you have reached the limit that a signal could be send to the mods/Pokemaster/eventually the editors. When they get the signal they can see who has been spam-upvoting and that user can be dealt with
My suggestion would be: Maximum 5 votes per two hours on that specific User. There shouldn't be any reason for voting a User 5 times, apart from spam voting.

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This is something I plan to look into, probably based on IP but I can look at voting for other accounts too, in case they are friends on different computers.

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oh ok :3, thanks