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I'm just wondering if you could clarify using voting on the meta. As is my understanding, you vote up ideas you like and vote down ideas that you don't like. DT thinks it follows the same the rules of the PokeBase in which you only vote down things that break the rules. How should voting be done on the meta Pokemaster?

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I love the way this is being voted this up.  Is it because we agree or because it is an apropriate meta question?
Ha, love it Fritjof. Comment vote up.

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You make a good point trachy. I think it's fine to down vote bad suggestions, especially since no one loses points.

I'll also add here that it's fine for others to answer questions on meta if they can, or want to answer in more detail why they think an idea is good/bad.

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How about people can do that after you have answered the question, but they can still comment before you answer, unless it is a question about rules and such that can be answered and not a suggestion to improve the site so that way you can more easily see it due to it being unanswered.