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A small error with PokeBase

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before I logged on I looked at a few questions, but It allowed me to comment, answer questions and upvote...
(I didn't comment, answer questions nor upvote, since I wasn't logged in.)
But this is a small problem I found in PokeBase and thought it should be fixed.

P.S. I did check my log in status and it said "Log In" and "Register". It didn't say "My Updates" or anything like that.

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I get this too, I think it's part of the new site.

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I've just checked this out. It looks like you can, but if you actually go to vote or commentiit won't actually let you. So nothing is actually wrong here, just slightly misleading :D

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This is absolutely right. There are buttons to post an answer and so on, but when you click them it says you need to log in.

I don't know where people are getting that it allows you to vote/comment.