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I'm sorry, if this has to be removed then it's okay.

Listen, I'm going inactive but this isn't a goodbye post. It's more like a "Hey Pokemaster, just wanna praise you and the site" post. I'm feeling pretty emotional right now :/

Okay, I want to start off by saying that the PokémonDB is like a second home to me. I've never felt so good on the Internet. The people are awesome here, and I'm so happy to have come across this site over a year ago. The people here aren't just random people I talk to so I can pass time. Okay, maybe they are, but more importantly, they're my friends. And I'm so happy that I got to meet them. Even though I never did physically see them.

Some I only knew for a short while, but others I knew for a long time, and I feel close to them.
Pokemaster, you have brought together an entire community of Pokémon lovers and made it something more than that. You've made it a safe zone for people, where they can forget their worries and chat about whatever they want.

You've spent your time and money into this website, intending to create the ultimate Pokémon information site. But you did more than that. You've truly made quite a masterpiece of this website, and I'm glad I got to be a part of it. To sum it up, good job.

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I've been trying to catch up with Ayan for a while now....and now he's leaving. Well I'd expect him to leave eventually. Not everyone can spend their lives on the site xD. It ain't much ayan and im sorry I haven't been here for you as much as a friend should have...but it wont be the same without you...
A burp is all I could manage... no such thing such as Pokebase without a spice of Ayan :D
Seeya bud :(
Bai D:
We obviously don't know each other, but I agree with you none the less. This site is awesome and it is helpful.  Poke fans can communicate with each other and exchange their knowledge without the rabble interfering and that in itself a digital score. :]

Good luck and good fortune.

We have only known each other for such little time and it's a pity to see you go inactive for it was fun getting to know you. But hey, it isn't a farewell message so we shall hopefully see you around sometime :)
I guess I should say, see you later :/

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I'm sorry, if this has to be removed then it's okay.

Don't worry, that rule is mainly for newbies who've been here 5 minutes and think people care if they leave. Your post has more to it anyway.

Just wanted to say thanks for the nice comments. It's really great that something I've done mainly for fun in my spare time gets enjoyed by others too! Sorry to see you go.

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