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For the whole multiple account issue, I think it would be a good idea to at least have some solid evidence before we accuse specific people about double accounts. If people use the accounts for giving themselves points, then you should try to determine which two accounts that person is using before accusing them of cheating. The points don't matter, so there's no point in going into a Salem witch trial with each other and throw accusations just from suspicions. It comes off as very rude to the person in question to accuse them for cheating, when nobody has any more proof than a suspicion.

I doubt Pokemaster really cares that much about people cheating and probably doesn't want to check every accusation thrown out, so it should be saved for people who spam the site, like Dj11, or people who we are able to confirm as cheating.

There's nothing wrong with Pb10's Scenario, as that concerns the fact that someone wants him dead in their username; he doesn't point fingers at anybody. It's rather annoying to get into petty arguments over something as useless as points.

the title was just to draw attention and to illustrate my point that you can accuse pretty much anyone for anything without reason or proof.

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lol I think Pokemaster is cheating nice one. I was so drawn to this question.
HA! nice one DT
I agree. Once he gave himself a million points. But sesly, that was beautiful dt

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Phew! For a second there I thought I'd been busted ;D

DT you are spot on as usual with this, we have had a lot of accusations flying around and not many of them have stuck. So people, please calm it down. Just relax and enjoy the site! :)

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lol so you have been cheating Pokemaster jk.
WTH? I was like oh no!