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Suggestion: add Motto/Slogan to user profiles

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I think it'd be fun to add this to Users' page. A user could just put this in the About me part but they could also do that with Favorite Pokemon, Country, etc. because it's all about that user. It just helps to sort things out and easily find that info on the user. So why not add Motto or Slogan to profiles?

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Do you mean like a status thing but specifically for mottos or whatever?
i mean how there are divided parts of a user's profile such as Favorite Pokemon, Country, etc. just an addition to it with the user's motto, if they have one.
eww i suggested this? oh, how opinions change...

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Sorry, I doubt this would happen. Not everyone would have a motto or at least put them down. If you have a motto, put it in your About Me section, since a personal motto does say something about you. It seems to be a fair amount of work for pretty much no reason, sorry.

Thanks for suggesting, though! We appreciate your help :3

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i can understand that