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"Too many comments recieved-please try again in an hour." Is this normal, it has never happened to me before. If it is normal, can you fix it so that it isn't there. I think we should be able to comment as much as we want.
Note: Pokemaster answer only. I would however, like people to comment and say if this has happened to them before.

Edit: I'm now editing my question to comment. Kingdra, I think there is a difference between the questions and the comments. Somebody could just ask all these questions just to get points. However, comments are different as they don't get points.

Another Edit: This is really annoying not being able to comment.

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It is normal because it does it on questions to. Well I guess Pokemaster should change it if you have a wonderful comment. If not he shouldn't.

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I have raised the limit for comments from 20 to 50 per hour. As with questions/answers the idea is to prevent too much spam (although luckily so far it hasn't been a problem).

Hopefully with the new chat room you won't need to use them, only for talking about the actual questions or answers.

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Yay, new chat room. Early birthday present as I comment a lot. :) Thanks for raising the comment limit (has anybody ever reached it before?) :)
No one ever said they reached the limit, but I've seen a lot of comments over the past couple of weeks.
What is the limit for questions?
I have no clue