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The move ''Wish'' on Pokemon Database needs updating.

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Wish has a new recovery to it and is no longer 50%hp recovery.

Current wish move set on this site here and the new wish move for gen 6 games current gen 6 move wish found at ''Descriptions..


At the end of the next turn, the Pokemon at the user's position has 1/2 of the user's maximum HP restored to it, rounded half up. Fails if this move is already in effect for the user's position.

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I found out the hard way when I discovered my umbreon didn't heal it'self in Wi-Fi battle on 2nd turn with protect. The move failed and it's moveset for wish stats.... ''one turn after this move is used, the targets HP is restored by half the users MAX hp'' It's in-effective on the user though.... only works upon switching out....

Example - umbreon - wish. then switches to Blissey, Blissey gets hit by target and wish activates...<<

Hope I helped!
AS PROOF to support my answer.. Go to vs recorder on pokemon x/y and type this code in to view my battle, skip to (take) 3/7 to view the move wish and come into effect.


Can I just check that you didn't use Wish twice in a row? I haven't used anything with Wish in Gen VI, but I'm pretty sure that Wish fails on a few occasions, the one I mentioned being one of them. Also, Bulbapedia says nothing on this, and if such a big change happened, it should say something.

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No updates needed! You must've misclicked something during your battle. Wish functions exactly as it did in the previous generation.

And since I was so kind, I provided shoddily-recorded video evidence:


Hopefully this cleared up any confusion!

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I checked your youtube video, good video btw! and wondered if I got my umbreon in a wild encounter, so I did and wish worked properly. I must've mis-used it last time....... ummm so what do I do select best answer or hide the question..?