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Im being Cyber bullied on the chat by FabianVasquez6 .

Hes saying stuff that hurt such as........


-Red your a Jack ass

-Red you smell

-Red your sorta lame and boring

Its painfull can you put a stop to this........

Maybe a TEMPORARY ban......

Please help.........

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i saw it as well
Don't worry RedPikachu, just ignore him.

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OK I have blocked him from the site for a while. I saw what he was like before, pretty annoying.

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Pokemaster sucks 5 minutes ago:red is still a *** tell pokemaster i said he is a dumbass too
pokemaster sucks is a duplicate of Fabian.
Sigh, looks like its time for an IP Ban
Easier said than done though. His IP is at a work office. Not only can it be easily with different services, he could also use a computer at home...
He is like 23 years old, but he does things that my 9 years old brother doesnt do.
Why is he even on a Pokemon site at work? He should be working, not on this site..