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It shows Aqua Jet in the main database of the pokemon (eg- corphish), but it's not present in this:

The same problem is faced by Crawdaunt, Marill, Azumarill and Azurill.

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Hmm, looks like it's an issue with new egg moves from X&Y. I'll check into it.

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This should be fixed across all egg move pages now.

Heh, I have too many "magic numbers" in my code (e.g. "5" for gen 5 in many places) and I have to go through and change them all. I think I've managed to fix up most of these now so they stay updated :)

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Oops, i think i put you to work for something so tiny (sorry lol)
Thanks a lot though!
Don't worry at all! All errors should be fixed ASAP, unfortunately in the last few months I've been busy/lazy :/