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Techno Blast
As of Gen VI, Techno Blast now has 120 power, not its previous 85 power.

As of Gen V, Feint will hit even if Protect or Detect has not been used. That is probably why it got the power drop in Gen V. While the power drop is noted, the page says:
>Feint only works if the target used Protect or Detect in the same turn.

As of Gen V that is no longer true. Also, Feint will lift the effects of Quick Guard and Wide Guard as well, so that should also be mentioned.

Disarming Voice
Disarming Voice hits all adjacent enemies, not "Targets a single adjacent Pokemon" as the Move Target section says. Also it is blocked by Soundproof, so that should probably also be mentioned.

Follow Me
As of Gen VI, Follow Me only has a priority of +2, not +3 like in the previous generations.

Magic Coat
It says:
>Any special move is reflected back to the attacker.

This is the description for Mirror Coat, not Magic Coat. Magic Coat reflects any status move back to the attacker. It is basically a move version of Magic Bounce.

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One more thing:  The Sweet Scent page should include that it can summon a horde battle in X/Y.
Oh, and one more thing:  On pages for Moonlight and Morning Sun, the description should be less vague (i.e. tells exactly how much HP is restored for different types of weather)
I've also found something else. Natural Gift should be updated with the X and Y berries. It can be fairy type, and its power now ranges from 80 - 100, depending on which berry is used.

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