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I was just curious if there was a set date as to when we open user name changes. If there is when is it and if there isn't then why not have a set date? It would be easier for the pokemaster and it would open and close at the right time!

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Whenver pokemaster feels like it.
The next name changes after the summer are generally held in early September. There isn't a set date because PM is often very busy and I assume PM hasn't set a date in case he is late and can't open the name changes on time.
What I'm saying is that it automatically opens.  I know it's possible to do this.

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There isn't a specific date, it's every 3 months and Pokemaster does it whenever.
The next one is this September so you do the math...

What I'm saying is that it automatically opens. I know it's possible to do this.
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Nope. Pokemaster creates the thread a few weeks earlier and then manually open the name changing.

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It should be possible, I run a lot of programming online and offline and it should be possible to create a timer to unlock name changes.
Well Pokemaster doesnt have it. It's manual.
Ok, I just thought it could be a little easier for him this way.  I didn't know if he already had this set up or not, but I guess not :P Ok thanks anyway!