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It currently says "comment edited".

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It would say converted, since conversion would be the last thing you did (unless you edited it after you converted)
Dang, good idea.
This is dumb.
curse you PX!
It doesn't really matter anyway, because if one were to want to know something like that, they wouldn't really get much out of it, you know? If it was converted that would mean it's meant to be a comment, and saying that it was originally an answer would be kinda redundant and useless. So, I doubt Pokemaster would work on this.

I can see where you're going this, though, it's just to make it simpler. But the only person that actually needs to know this is anyone who is a moderator or an editor, but they can already change it, so, no point really. So, in short, we don't need this.

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