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I was going to look for Pokemon that can learn Belly Drum and Extreme Speed and this message appears: ''Pokémon learning Belly Drum, Extreme Speed: No Pokémon found.''

I know Linoone can learn those 2 moves, it says so here.

In the Linoone Pokedex page I didn't find Extreme Speed. Am I missing something? Is it an event move?

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No you're right about Linoone, Smeargle and Zigzagoon missing
Some of those are event moves, the calc doesn't include event moves

Extremespeed is an event move, Belly drum is not. I guess it just doesn't include event moves.

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Linoone can learn Belly Drum normally but Extreme Speed is an event move which is identified as learn-able when using the move calculator.

If it bothers you then you could make a suggestion to include event moves on the pages of individual Pokemon on Meta-Pokebase as it useful to know what movesets are viable to make in normal play-throughs on the DS as every learn-able move on showdown isn't said how it is learnt.