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You could use this as a space on profile pages for comments as a way to solve the issue of trade and battle requests, and people can use it for pokefarm. But most importantly, it would be a place to tell someone their question has been hidden, so that way we can explain why, or give them a link to another question if they asked a repeat. The last one is the main reason I suggested this, because a lot of repeat questions are posted several times after they are hidden, and they can't see the link to the original if the question is hidden.

The second suggestion is to make a welcome banner at the bottom of the pokebase that shows the most recent users to sign up. It could be like the five most recent or so. It seems welcoming to them, but also tells us when new people come in-perfect for trying to detect duplicate accounts.

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The "about me" section does allow a lot of text so everyone can put their pokefarm links in there, that's fine.

I agree with the stuff about hidden questions, I want to change it so that questions just get "locked" at first so the members can see their questions and know what they did wrong. It's difficult for me to add this into the Q&A software myself, but it may come in a future update.

I like the idea about new users, that will definitely be possible after the upcoming upgrade so I will look into that.

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