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Im really curious to know im DIEING to know...

Right it in a way thats VERY simple

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You need the image to be online somewhere. If you see an image on a website, right click it then click "Copy image address". Or if you want to post your own picture you can upload it to http://imgur.com (really simple and quick image hosting) and copy the image link from there.

Then on a question/answer, click the image button (6th from left), put the URL in the box and click OK. It will put a code like this:

![golbat][1] <-- where the image goes

...the rest of your post...

 [1]: http://img.pokemondb.net/sprites/red-blue/normal/golbat.png <-- the URL

And that gives something like this:


Remember, don't go putting tons of images in every post. It's just there to aid in questions and answers.

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I was sooo close to doing that i though i was supposed to copy and paste it to thast area thinfg side window thingy?