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Im really curious to know im DIEING to know...

Right it in a way thats VERY simple


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You need the image to be online somewhere. If you see an image on a website, right click it then click "Copy image address". Or if you want to post your own picture you can upload it to (really simple and quick image hosting) and copy the image link from there.

Then on a question/answer, click the image button (6th from left), put the URL in the box and click OK. It will put a code like this:

![golbat][1] <-- where the image goes

...the rest of your post...

 [1]: <-- the URL

And that gives something like this:


Remember, don't go putting tons of images in every post. It's just there to aid in questions and answers.

I was sooo close to doing that i though i was supposed to copy and paste it to thast area thinfg side window thingy?