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More In depth Descriptions on the abilities and moves would be a good idea.

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A lot of them already are good, but a few, mainly the gen V things, could use a bit more clarity. For example:

>Solar Power-
> In sunshine, Sp. Atk is boosted but HP decreases.

It would be nice to know by how much it raises Special attack and lowers HP. If there are also special instances for moves, or moves that would call for a list like moves that get boosted by Sheer Force, noting those would be nice too.

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I agree Moody and Simple are other ones that could also have more clarity.

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Yes it's always been my intention to beef up the descriptions on every move and ability. I've worked though many of the more complex ones, but more is needed.

I'm thinking about opening them up to the public a bit more (by which I mean pokebase members) to make corrections and expand on the information, a little bit like Bulba/Wikipedia.

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I think that should be exclusive to editors/experts because opening it to all members means the trouble makers can just mess things up then you would have to fix it.
@sf NO
If only experts and editors could edit pages you would have to spend the time of becoming expert on pokebase just so you can improve a page, i think Pokemaster's idea about having it like bulbapedia is the better idea.
Possibly like a 1000 point limit.
Yeah J98 has a good point. Maybe restrict it a little, but up to a certain extent.
There isn't much information to be added anyways, unless we want mass amounts of overwhelming information like Bulbapedia?