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Yep i am staying i couldnt bear to leave when people want me to stay even if its a few =D

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If you really want to leave go ahead. I cant stop you. But just know that when you quit because of trolls or spammers you let them win.

Im sorry if i sounded a bit mean last time. I dont want you to leave.
ok see you nowones bothering you so leave already
theres nothing wrong just leave if you wanna
Well, like we have said in the past, you can leave any time, it doesn't really matter.
(Although I think the only difference made will be if Pokemaster leaves :0)

But anyways, seeya.
you know im not trying to make you feel bad im quitting because this place is pissing me more and more everytime i enter but really zekrom you bring up a really good point there letting the trolls and spammers win
Tyson, I don't want to see you go. Yes, sometimes you have annoyed me, but you've been friendly and interested in everything that's going on and you've wanted to learn and improve your skills. This is your choice. I just hope it makes you happy.  Personally, I find it awful to see such cruel words directed at you, especially in your last minutes here.  Take care!  Good luck!  I'll miss you, even if no one else will.
Dont leave just yet sorry about what i said earlier...i dont want you to leave.
See Ya
Bye :-3

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Funny, in the META section you missed "people starting I'm Leaving threads".

Also just to point out here, even if an answer can be found on Google it's fine to have the question here. You can't always trust everything you find through Google (especially Yahoo Answers, stupid site) and hopefully people will be able to find this site through Google too :)

Sometimes better for a page to have a question and the answer right underneath it, so you don't have to search through long forum threads or read a whole page on Bulbapedia just to find that one fact buries in there somewhere.

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Agreed with first sentence (only I read)
Yep, I found Pokebase through Google!
As did I!
Than l joined because it was the only Pokemon site not blocked in my school!
I can´t remember how I found, probably :D
Sam, you have Pokémon sites blocked in your school? :(
I joined Pokebase because it's easier to navigate than Bulbapedia/Serebii/Smogon.