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Just in case. I don't know if mods already have their own hidden posts page for every user but I believe we should be able to see our own hidden posts.

is this a solution for octalmari's post?
You could say that.
@CrazyCradily What post were you referring to? I don't remember making any posts about hiding posts lol.
@CrazyCradily Oh yeah, that post. Lmao I forgot I made that one.

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Well, your recent hidden posts can be seen on the updates page. And I just answered that other question saying I'm not going to remove them from there :p

But there is a page for moderators showing all hidden posts. I'm not sure there is much value in each user having their own page. Also maybe it could cause problems with people going back through their old posts and reshowing them.

Why shouldn't we be allowed to go back through our old posts? And if we try to re-show them, don't we have to go through moderation again?
I was thinking more about spam. But you're right, most people reshowing old posts would go back into the moderation queue.