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Okay, you asked how we can improve the site so that it is better in all parts than serebii, or something like that.

  1. This site, serebii, and Smogon are the only sites I go to with any frequency.

  2. Smogon has tiers. Adding this would be a great addition.

  3. While serebii has everything to do with Pokemon, you don't need to add all that stuff. I would just make the Pokemon pages easier to navigate. Look for example at this: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-bw/646.shtml
    Now I find the stat box really easy to use. You should perhaps convert to that. Also note that while this page doesn't have it, other pages have pre-evolution and event moves, although you are in the process of adding these, if I am correct. The most important thing thoug is at the bottom of the page, the arrows. This will make it easy to go from page to page.

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What do you mean by "stat box"? The one with Max Stats Hindering Nature, Neutral Nature etc?
Yes, that one. I find it much more organized than the one we have now. It also has it for natures, and level 50.
Tiers sounds cool

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Thanks for the input! Here's my view...

Tiers: I may add these at some point. They are mainly opinion but can be a useful guide.

Pre-evolution: Done. See http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/sceptile and http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/609 for examples :)

Event moves: I want to get these up at some point. You're not missing much since there aren't very many of them.

Arrows: I'm working on something. Prev/Next on its own isn't all that useful so I think I'll combine it with a quick search/dropdown thing.

Stats: We'll have to agree to disagree on that one. I find Serebii's stat box difficult to read, with tiny numbers all over the place.
I don't think you really need to know, e.g. the highest value for a hindering nature. we have the base stats, the absolute lowest and absolute highest. IMO that's a better guide.

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Quick search/Dropdown thing: You meanlike what serebii has?
I was thinking a bit more like the search box on bulbapedia. If you start typing a search term a drop down lists matching pages.