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Becuase the world would be so much better without swearing and it would make this website seem more user friendly. you could make it starred when it happens like in runescape. Becuase people will likey swear even if it is stars when it happens there shoud be a penelty of a certain amount of points like 10 or 20.

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I guess you mean the chat room, because all posts on the main site are censored, eg ***

Also, swearing is a bit of a regional thing, eg damn and hell are not swear words in the UK and we have some swear words like w**ker (manually censored) that are unknown in the US.

If people are swearing it's usually not the words that are a problem but the fact some one is insulting people. I will look into filtering words on the chat though. I'm not gonna dock points or anything.

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Hell is not a swear word if used to say something in religion