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If a user is IP banned, make it so that they can't make a new account.

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Not so that they can't post or anything, so that they can't even do anything at all.

This would still allow unbanned IPs to create new accounts for family members, but when an IP is banned, that means that the only other accounts coming from there are duplicate accounts meant to cause problems.

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I do not agree with the last part. They should be able to enter the chat, so we can see them. Because 10 of Shadow's accounts don't post on Meta.
Good point. So I'll just keep it as no new accounts.

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This should already be the case. The problem with Mr Shadow is he's managing to come back on new IP addresses each time. It's quite rare for IPs to change so much...

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Some of the IPs were the same I think.
OK, let me know if you see any new accounts of his in the future, that were made on banned IPs (i.e. you go to block the IP and its already blocked).
Just to add, I found the problem - it was that banned IPs only stayed on Pokebase and did not get banned on meta/RMT, so he could register there instead. Anyway that is fixed now.