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BTW anyone is it possible that ETN has made another account on pokébase and we don't know? Or has his IP address been banned?
Dec 28, 2018 by Deathrider
Dec 28, 2018 by Deathrider
So, you m
Oct 27, 2018 by Jimmy⠀
aw, rip
Oct 26, 2018 by celadon
@GinnyEvilShadow Yeah, banned users can see/delete wall posts, and edit their profile.
Oct 26, 2018 by X-Scizor
ETN are you actually able to see these wall posts?
Oct 25, 2018 by GinnyEvilShadow
Oct 25, 2018 by Agent 3
Yeah ETN please reply to Octalmari
Sep 21, 2018 by Deathrider
Rip washmachine
Sep 19, 2018 by SeeYaLater!
Alicia Violet used to be your chick
But now she in the Logang and ya know she on my ****
Sep 19, 2018 by Deathrider