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You get your first class at level 2 and your second at level 8. Each class has a variety of passive and active skills and upgrade paths. You don't get enough skill points to get all the skills (or at least not to max them all out).  You get three skill points each level. Despite being able to pick a second mastery you should focus on only one mastery until sometime around when we reach the Great Wall of China.

Your main should be the Nature Mastery. It's a support class focused on healing and summoning minions to help fight. It really synergizes well with my Dream class. Nature is very energy intensive with its rapid healing. This is offset by my aura that greatly increases energy regeneration. I also have a minion that buffs all other minions, which is amazing with Nature's wolves and Dryad minions.

For your first level-up you'll want to put one point in Call of the Wild (your ability that summons a wolf minion) and then the rest in your Nature mastery (the plus in the bottom left corner of the skill tree). When you reach level 4 in your mastery, put a point in Plague (poisons an enemy, the Plague spreads to nearby enemies). Then just upgrade your Nature Mastery to max (level 32). This gives you stats and also unlocks all skills so you can put skill points in them. When you've reached level 32 in the mastery, the following are the skills you want to put points in. The order you do them in is up to you:

Heart of Oak: Max this out. This ability gives you an aura that greatly increases the health and speed of you and your allies. This is a high priority skill.
Tranquility of Water: Only put one point in this. I and energy potions make this skill fairly useless. Just need it to get the next skill in the path.
Permanence of Stone: Max this out. Adds elemental resistance to the Heart of Oak aura.
Regrowth: Max this out. Gives a heal. A high priority skill for Act 4.
Accelerated Growth: Max this out. Decreases the cooldown time for Regrowth. Allows for rapid heals.
Dissemination: Max this out. Increases the healing and number of targets that Regrowth effects. Not a high priority. One point in it would be a good idea at first, then level to the max when everything else is already leveled up.
Refresh: Put only one point in this. Active ability that decreases cooldown of all other skills. Used with Regrowth for even more healing in a short period of time. Very low priority skill.
Call of the Wild: Max this out. Level 7 of this skill allows you to summon two wolves, good idea to get to level 7 soon.
Maul: Max this out. Increases the damage done by your wolves.
Survival Instinct: Put only one point in this. It's not a good ability and is only needed to get the next skill in this path.
Strength of the Pack: Max this skill. Your wolves give off a howl that raises the damage, armor, energy regen, and speed of nearby allies for a short time. Very good skill.
Sylvan Nymph: Max out. Summons a nymph minion. Another very good skill.
Overgrowth: Max out. Gives the nymph the ability to put a shield around us that absorbs damage. Another very good skill.
Nature's Wrath: Max out. Gives the nymph a powerful elemental attack.
Plague: Max out.
Fatigue: One point. Weakens enemies with Plague.
Susceptibility: Max out. Lowers the resistances of enemies with Plague.

Ignore the Briar Ward ability and its upgrades. It's an absolutely terrible ability.

Around the Great Wall of China you'll want to start upgrading your second mastery. Make sure to max out the mastery to level 32 first, to give you stats and unlock all the abilities in that Mastery. After that continue putting points in skills between the Nature mastery and your second mastery as you desire. Whatever ones sound the best to you.

There are three classes I would suggest choosing between for your second mastery. When we reach China and when you've had more experience with the game you can tell me which one you want that fits with your playstyle and I'll write a guide for you on that class.

The three secondary classes I would choose from are:

Defense: Name implies what it does. It's a defensive class based around using your shield. Not many active skills, but provides you with the bulk that you don't have with the Nature class.

Warfare: Offensive class that allows you to dual wield melee weapons. Might not be the best pick with Nature since Warfare is very glass cannon, and Nature is already frail to begin with.

Spirit: A good pick if you like using magic and your staff rather than a melee weapon. Has life drain abilities and can summon a powerful Liche.

Important hotkeys (besides the number hotkeys of course).
W- Swaps between the two weapon sets you have setup.
E- Uses an energy potion. I prefer using a number hotkey for this.
R - Uses a health potion. I prefer using a number hotkey for this.
T- Chat
A- Picks up all nearby gold and potions on the ground.
S- Opens up the skill tree.
C- Opens up the character screen/inventory.
M- Opens up the map.
Alt- Press this button whenever you start up your game. It shows all loot on the ground.
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