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We miss you
May 27 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
Gen 1 glitches are fum
Mar 12, 2016 by HelloBloon
Dec 7, 2015 by Jellohamster
Nov 10, 2015 by HelloBloon
Nov 8, 2015 by Meowstic
lol k
Nov 6, 2015 by HelloBloon
d0n't worree Buddee

I'll be popping on and off randomly and scarcely throughout the week due to homework :L
Nov 3, 2015 by DemonFlygawne
Edit: the set is for a BULKY Omastar, not a sweeper.  Just to clear up any confusion that may have arisen.  Also, all Omanytes given away will have a Bold nature.
Nov 1, 2015 by HelloBloon

I'm working on breeding Omanyte for a competitive team, but I'm not exactly sure of the EV spread and moveset.  Post some suggestions on my wall and each contributor will receive their own 6IV Omanyte!  After I've built the Omastar I can still provide a 5-6IV Omanyte to anyone who wants one!  This offer will be in effect for an indefinite amount of time.
Nov 1, 2015 by HelloBloon
Actually, my name origin is from that game!
Nov 1, 2015 by HelloBloon