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I can be back at aroudn 6:20 PM. Is that ok?
6 days ago by 湿ったマフィン
Hey J, I have a bit of a problem. I have a dental, so I think I'll be home around 6:20 ish. If you don't mind, if it takes you some time to set up, could you maybe set up beforehand? Sorry for being weird lol
6 days ago by 湿ったマフィン
Realistic Chansey isnt real, it can't hurt you.
Realistic Chansey:
Apr 13 by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
Apr 12 by Omega-Blade X
Apr 8 by Ignis Aqua Herba
Oh I didn’t notice lol
Apr 7 by Assault Ποσειδώνας
LOL Thanks
Your's is classic uwu
Apr 7 by Assault Ποσειδώνας
y u m m y
Apr 6 by ™ TY
Hi Jee-hn-fu-ee!
Apr 6 by Frozen Inferno 火
I read them all.
Apr 5 by MimikyuShadow