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Do you like Zeraora (I do)?
Jun 30 by Alolan Vulpix
I like version 4 of the site.
Jun 28 by Azelfeo
Also you could post it on the tournaments thread in meta if you’d like
Jun 15 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
Yes it’s against the rules Ginny. You can post it on your own wall, your About Me, or on chat but nowhere else. Actually if you want you could post it on my wall I’m kind of interested
Jun 15 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
Hey Pokemaster would it be against the rules for me to suggest a new Pokemon mechanic I made up? I want to tell people about this but I'm afraid that it might be against the rules so I decided to ask you.
Jun 14 by GinnyEvilShadow
... Just realized Pokemaster can FLAG posts...
He'll never use that privilege :P
Jun 14 by Stakatacool You most likely won't read this but, can you look into this? The post has been made in 2014 and I really want this to be a feature, but only you can make this happen and more likely than not, you won't read a 2014 post.
Jun 6 by ᴏᴄᴛᴀʟᴍᴀʀɪ
I think you're cool.
Jun 4 by Poké Guy Fieri
I don't think that PM reads his wall often but I want to put this here.
My brother and I are both Pokemon fanatics, we put most of our creativity into it and it is a big part of our lives. We both have aspergers and love Pokemon more than we do people. Although I've been the only one to sign up and did so recently, we have both relied on this site for all of our Pokemon news and references for years beforehand. I'm not sure when exactly he introduced it to me, but it was way back when Scyther was still the mascot (I want to say 2012, maybe?). We use it for everything and love it, so now that I'm signed up I just kinda wanted to say thanks and let you know how much we appreciate it. I've actually wanted to say this for a while :)
May 29 by FlappersFlappers
Pokemaster, could you ban "BAN ME" or could you bring that we have a Showdown server link in the forum. Like you said you will get around to it soon? It doesn't sound to me that hard to program. But just take your time.... I just commented this because you may have forgot it.
May 27 by SeeYaLater!