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Hello Pokemaster,
Recently at a business conference, (That totally wasn't held on chat) it was brought to my attention that, being the angry, squinty eyed grandpa that he is, Toucannon would be a much better mascot than Scizor. Not only does he look like he's inviting people to come and have a nice cup of tea with him, he also represents part of the world that many people on the DB are from- Toucanada. A Toucanadian that I am very good chums with created a poll ( http://www.strawpoll.me/12175481/r ) and, out of the seven people who voted, all of them voted yes. The people want Toucannon to be the mascot of the Pokemon DB, now please consider making their dreams come Truecannon.
Jan 23 by Mega_Septile
I literally just got that Simpsons reference. Pretty neat!
Jan 17 by ~Rex
@Pokemaster ~rex said you'd throw expired tomato cans at us!!
Jan 14 by Primal Groudon
pokemaster i noticed an error on Soul-Hearts description it boosts the  ability bearers sp. attack stat every time not only when a teammate faints but when an enemy faints too
Dec 18, 2016 by nour the op gallade
PM, you have a dupe AND have been buddyvoting. I'm very disappointed.
Dec 15, 2016 by Mega_Septile
Are you even alive o.0
Dec 10, 2016 by ~Rex
Yo PM, we gonna get started on the movesets for Gen VII soon or are you still working out how we should do em?
Dec 4, 2016 by trachy
Hello, I have literally just returned to PokeBase and I've tried to update everything to what I wish to be, except for one thing. I need my name to be changed. But I found out the last name change "event" was back in August, when I was basically on my silent hiatus. I'd like to request a name change. The only ways of directly contacting me is either on Steam, Discord, or on the wall on my Profile. Kthxbye
Nov 28, 2016 by Reshval
Nov 21, 2016 by N the Champion
Yo PM, any new Pokemon from Sun and Moon standing out to you as being awesome? Personally, I love Wimpod's evolution.
Oct 30, 2016 by trachy