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Item=Shell Bell
Ability=Solid Rock
Ev=252 Attack/252 HP/6 Defense
Aqua Jet=Priority and STAB
Stone Edge=Good Rock type move and gives STAB
Waterfall=Physical water type move and STAB
Sword Dance=Power up its Attack stat
ROLE:He is an perfect Tank because of its Defense and its Attack.Aqua Jet covers he's major stat weakness in Speed,Stone Edge is perfect for Carracosta,Waterfall is a physical water move that suits him and Sword Dance to boost even more its Attack stat.

Item=Sitrus Berry
Ev=252 Defense/252 Speed/6 Attack
Stealth Rock=Hazard
Gyro Ball=Attack move
Roar=Force switch out
ROLE:He is my entry hazard he sets up Stealth Rock on the first turn then starts putting oxic on all pokemon of the opposing them with Roar that forces switch out and if it makes it to do a attack I will use Gyro Ball.

Item=Twisted Spoon

Ev=252 HP/252 Sp.Defense/6 Speed
Hypnosis=Puts Pokemon to sleep
Future Site=It can be very usefull
Psychic=Very good Psychic move and STAB
ROLE=He is my slow Sp.Sweeper in the team.Hypnosis is for putting pokemon asleep Future site is for when he is near death Moonlight is for healing and Psychic is a Psychic move that gives also STAB.

Rotom Freeze Form:
Ev=252 Sp.Attack/126 Defense/126 Sp.Defense
Volt Switch=Deals damage and then switches out
ThunderBolt=Good elettric type move
"Blizzard"=No need to explain
=Good move and dangerous as well
ROLE:He is a good stat pokemon all around and he is my 2*Sp.Sweeper with nice Defense and Sp.Defense.Volt Switch it's allways a nice move like thunderbolt, Blizzard there no need to explain and Substitute is dangerous.

Item=Life Orb
Ability=Super Luck
Ev=255 Attack/255 Speed
Sucker Punch=Priority
Night Slash=Good Dark move STAB
Sword Dance=Boost even more its Attack
Psycho Cut=Covers Fighting types
ROLE:He is a Physical sweeper.

Ability=Natural Cure
Ev=252 Sp.Attack/252 Speed/6 Defense
Draco Meteor=Great Dragon type move
Cotton Guard=Ups its Defense
Dragon Dance=Increases Speed and Attack
Dragon Pulse=Great Dragon type move
ROLE:Sp.Sweeper and all around defender.

NOTE=I can't have the Dream World abilities.
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Steelix is not NU...............
Swords dance? Why not just Shell Smash
Unless u cant get it :[
I sugest carnivine over steelix otherwise you're on the right track
hope this helps;lol
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Done, and it only took me 1 and a half hours.

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This isn't the best set ever for Carracosta. I'll flat out say it, it's not even that good. (Refering to your set you posted). Shell Bell is a horrible item unless you know you're fighting a mono Blissey team.
Switch it for White Herb, I'll explain later. I'm going to change his role from tank to Physical sweeper if that's alright. You're going to need to change your ability from Solid Rock to Sturdy for him to fit the sweeper role. His set after the adjustments I want to make will look a little something like this:

Carracosta @ White Herb
Trait: Sturdy
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 HP
Adamant Nature
- Aqua Jet
- Stone Edge
- Shell Smash
- Earthquake

Moves/Items: Aqua Jet over Waterfall because with the 2x boost and STAB it's base power is 120. If it's super effective it can hurt bad. Stone Edge might not have the best accuracy but it's better than any of the other moves that Carracosta has access too. Shell Smash helps your sweeper. White Herb takes away the defense drops so you have some clean sweeping with no handicaps.

EVs/Nature: I put Speed EVs there even though Carracosta isn't the fastest Pokemon with the boost it gets 326 speed. That can outspeed a few things in NU. If you even have a free set up, another turn to use Shell Smash when you know you won't get hurt, the speed gets tripled. Then Carracosta's speed would be 489. His attack with the 2x boost and adamant nature and 252 EVs is 346. With the boost it's 692. That's an incredible amount of attack that will take down most Pokemon that have neutral damage towards the attack.

Ability: Sturdy will help you tons with this sweeper. He has an alright amount of Defense but he lacks special defense. 166 doesn't give you a lot of survivability against special attacks, especially grass types. So if you get hit by a grass type Sturdy will let you at least mangle them a bit before you're taken down or decide to switch out.


I don't even think Steelix is NU so use Armaldo...............


Armaldo is a very very nice Tank to have on a team. He can set you're hazards up, get rid of hazards, take a few hits, and deal some damage all at the same time. With the great ability battle armor Pokemon with the ability Super Luck, Absol, have a wasted ability. It also help you stay in the battle longer, because you're able to take more hits. Being able to use Rapid Spin and Stealth Rock is a beautiful thing so use it while you can. I see it running this set:

Armaldo @ Leftovers
Trait: Battle Armor
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature
- Earthquake
- Stealth Rock
- Rapid Spin
- Rock Blast

Moves/Items: Leftovers is a key element in any Tank/Wall you have on a team. If he takes a lot of damage you can easily regain it back by just tanking out a few hits. Earthquake is used for the Rock and Fire weakness Armaldo has. Those are his main weak points. Be careful however, if you know you're opponent has a levitating or flying Pokemon on their team you must predict like no other. Rock Blast is better than X-Scissor because with X-Scissor Misdreavus walls me. Like any lead, yes I do suggest you use him as your lead, you need to carry some/one hazard(s). Stealth Rock is the main hazard you want to have. It can take out big threats such as Swellow or Charizard, whereas Spikes cannot. Rapid Spin is used in case you have any hazards on your side of the field.

EVs/Nature: I gave him 252 Atk EVs so he can be a very powerful Tank. His attack stat with not boosts whatsoever is 383, that's higher than Carracosta's with no boost and he's the sweeper. His 252 HP EVs are holding defenses together. Seeing as both of his defenses aren't the best the HP really helps him take any special or physical move. With those 252
EVs on him he has a whopping 354 HP which is an excellent amount of HP for a Tank in NU.
Since his Special Defence is the lower of his defenses those 4 EVs will go a long way.

Ability: Battle Armor pairs up perfectly with his role seeing as Swift Swim would be sort of useless. As a Tank he needs to be in the match longer than other Pokemon so that he can take the hits necessary to wear out Pokemon with Life Orb.


I'm going to use Musharna as your Cleric (Healer). It has very nice defenses and HP so it has good survivability and will be there until the end. With Synchronize and Heal Bell it can be very annoying for the other team. It has very nice Special attack for a Cleric as well so it's a very useful Pokemon for this team. I see this set for it's use on this team:

Musharna @ Leftovers
Trait: Synchronize
EVs: 252 Def / 252 HP / 4 SAtk
Calm Nature
- Heal Bell
- Psychic
- Moonlight
- Thunder Wave

Moves/Items: Even though you already have another Pokemon on your team using Leftovers it's not only a necessity, Musharna can't live without it. In the long run it really will help you however. Heal Bell is used in case your team is overly statused to the point where it's basically good game. It really is a game changer, especially in NU. Pyschic is just there in case you get Taunted. It also can hurt a bit seeing as Musharna has decent Special Attack. Moonlight is a very useful move in case you're at too low a point where even with Leftovers you could only survive one attack. Thunder Wave is used so you can have easier access to Moonlight and Heal Bell.

EVs/ Natures: I gave her a lot of Defense as she isn't just a Cleric but a Physical Wall.
Paired up with the HP stat, 436, and her Defense, 269, there isn't going to be any Physical sweeping around Musharna. The measly 4 Special Attack EVs are used to give Pyschic as little kick. The Calm nature also gives her a bit of bulk on the special side.

Ability: Synchornize is even more perfect than Sturdy on Carracosta. If someone decides that Musharna is getting annoying, eventually she will be, they will try and paralyze or burn her trying to take her down. They, however, will along with Musharna also get burned or paralyzed or whatever status they decide to put on Musharna.

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In order to not pass the 8000 character limit I've split this answer into an answer and a comment.
#Rotom - F

I see him being good for you, but I see Haunter being better.


Haunter is a very powerful Special Attacker. He has a bit more Special Attack than
Rotom - F, but he can have a better role on this team. He can Trick out his item and his get opponent stuck on a move they really didn't want to get stuck on and he can hurt them real bad, considering the fact that you will most likely Trick on a sweeper. The set I see this beauty running is:

Haunter @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd / 4 HP
Modest Nature
- Trick
- Shadow Ball
- Sludge Bomb
- Hidden Power [Ground]

Moves/Items: Choice Scarf paired up with Trick on a fast Pokemon like Haunter is deadlier than 2 atomic bombs. You can easily get you're opponent stuck on a move like Return or Tail Slap (Ursaring/ Cinncino). Trick messes with set up sweeper, walls, and stall Pokemon. Hidden Power Ground is perfect coverage for Haunter. Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb are his most powerful STABs. Paired up with the Special Attack and Item boost Haunter is a hard switch in. Modest nature adds that extra umph onto this Special Attack.

EVs/Nature: With his whopping special attack stat, 360, Haunter is more than a big threat to any teams. With the speed EVs you invest on him and the Choice Scarf boost he outspeeds Scarfed Sawk and Braviary. Even though he has low defenses he is still a scary Pokemon with those whopping stats. Those 4 HP EVs are there because it wouldn't be useful at all on any other stat.

Ability: He has no other ability but levitate is an added bonus, taking away one of his weakness entirely.


Your Absol set is actually pretty good. I'd change a few items and moves on him however. With a few EV and nature adjustments I can make this the best Absol sweeping set ever.
This set would look like this:

Absol @ Choice Band
Trait: Super Luck
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature
- Sucker Punch
- Superpower
- Psycho Cut
- Megahorn

Moves/Items: I know what you're thinking," Choice Banded Sucker Punch? What the heck?" It actually works out very nicely however. If you're predicting a Pokemon to hit, which unless they are a lead or a Cleric they most likely will, then Sucker Punch can do a crap load even to neutral damaged Pokemon. Superpower is excellent coverage, covering Ice, Rock, Steel, and Dark. It can also destroy a Pokemon combined with the Choice Band. Psycho Cut covers the Fighting weakness Absol has. Megahorn is just coverage and can wreck face with that base power.

EVs/Nature: I gave him Adamant over Jolly because Absol isn't fast as it is, Jolly would be a waste of a nature. With Adamant, however, the extra attack boost can mean winning or losing.  Mixed with the EVs, nature, AND Choice Band his attack is just short of 800, 788 to be exact. I don't know about you, but that's a lot. He lacked special defense so I gave him those 4 EVs just cause.

Ability: Super Luck mixed with his Advanced attack is a recipe for perfection. Imagine getting a critical hit with this Absol set? That's around 1500 attack. That's going to take something out pretty easily.


This set is mixed up seeing as you have two dragon type attacking moves and two setting up moves, one that doesn't even entirely benefit you. I'll give you a defensive set seeing as you have enough sweepers on your team as it is.

Altaria @ Leftovers
Trait: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 SDef / 252 HP / 4 Atk
Careful Nature
- Roost
- Cotton Guard
- Dragon Claw
- Toxic

Moves/Items: Third Pokemon with leftovers, but as I've said just like the other two, this is very necessary. This bulky set got Cotton Guard to raise the defense immensely in only two turns. Toxic is used to scare set up sweepers out and just there to do some extra damage to anything it can get.  Roost gets you the HP back that leftovers can't. Dragon is here simply for the fact that this is a Pokemon you use to stall and to hurt the other team with.

EVs/Nature: I used Special Defense EVs over Defense because Cotton Guard covers Defense and we need this staller to be as balanced in defenses as possible. The HP EVs balance perfectly like two fat kids on a see-saw with Cotton Guard and the 252 Special Defense EVs. Since in this set we are using Dragon Claw over Dragon Pulse we use Careful nature instead of Modest. The 4 Attack EVs give Altaria's claws a little more power behind them.

Ability: Natural Cure is a very good attribute for a staller like Altaria seeing as you can't really heal or attack while paralyzed.

**I hope these changes benefited you more than they harmed you. Good luck with NU**
What the heck!!!!!!!!!!
Good answer xD
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I'm not an expert,but I have a few suggestions.

One is that Steelix isn't an NU Pokemon.
If you want a hazard setter that can use roar,
how about Lairon? or Bastiodon?
Two,why Shell Bell on Carracosta?And if you
want it offensive.Shell Smash would be better.
Also if you want it to heal,give it Leftovers.
(The role of a Pokemon that can take hits(mostly because there slow)and then hit hard is called a Tank.)Musharna seems ok to me.Rotom-F looks fine to me.
Absol to.While Altaria,
if you want it to wall,it doesn't look like a defensive set to me.
But other then that,it looks fine to me.

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@CChariz: good advice, i will add some to it:

Shell Bell is a terrible item in general. have Carracosta hold White Herb and Run Shell Smash. that way you get +2 Atk/+2 SAtk/ +2 Spd/ -1 Def/ -1 SDef, and then White Herb cancels the -1 Def/-1 SDef so you basically just doubled your Atk, SAtk, and Spd stats in ONE TURN. Costa is now a perfect Sweeper especially if Sturdy is still active. he is guaranteed at least 2 kos before fainting.

Musharna is decent but i would probably run Life Orb and Calm Mind.

Altaria doesn't need Cotton Guard AND Dragon Dance. if you want a Defensive/Support set use:

Altaria @ Leftovers
Trait: Natural Cure
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
EVs: 252 Def/ 180 SDef/ 36 HP
- Dragon Pulse
- Cotton Guard
- Perish Song
- Roost

this way you don't have Draco Meteor dropping yo stats like dimes. Cotton Guard and Roost makes it almost unbreakable by Physical attacks. Dragon Pulse is awesome coverage and you can keep using it. Perish Song forces the opponent to switch out or else faint. An Arena Trap Dugtrio being switched in after Perish Song Traps the opponent and as long as you can keep Dugtrio alive (Protect+Focus Sash makes this easy to last 3 turns) you get a guaranteed KO.

offensive go:

Altaria @ Yache Berry
Trait: Natural Cure
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
EVs: 252 SDef/ 144 Spd/ 88 SAtk
- Draco Meteor
- Fire Blast
- Thunder Wave
- Protect

this set spreads Paralysis and Protect scouts and stall. Fire Blast and Draco Meteor hurt. simple.
Get rid of night slash on absol and replace it with superpower.
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