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Hope I get some help on this team because I think something is wrong here. But this team does looks decent so I'm going to test out this 250 F° team!

Evs- 252 SpA, 4 SpD, 252 speed
Flamethrower, EnergyBall, Toxic, Hypnosis

Venusaur- LifeOrb
trait- Chlorophyll
Ivs- 2 Atk, 30 SpA, 30 speed
Evs- 4 HP, 252 SpA, 252 speed
Growth, GigaDrain, SleepPowder, HpFire

Starmie- Leftovers
trait- Natural Cure
Evs- 252 SpA, 4 SpD, 252 speed
Surf, IceBeam, T-Bolt, RapidSpin

Dugtrio- Focus Sash
trait- Arena Trap
Evs- 252 Atk, 4 SpD, 252 speed
EQ, StealthRocks, Reversal, Sub.

Salamence- Choice Scarf
trait- Moxie
Evs- 252 Atk, 4 Sp.atk, 252 speed
Outrage, DragonClaw, BrickBreak, EQ

Heatran- Choice Scarf (should I go for Banded, LifeOrb or AirBaloon)
trait- Flame Body
Evs- 252 SpA, 4 SpD, 252 speed
OverHeat, Flamethrower, EarthPower, HpIce

    •An replacement for Scarf Heatran•

Infernape- Life Orb
trait- Iron Fist
Evs- 252 Atk, 4 SpA, 252 speed
FirePunch, CloseCombat, MachPunch, U-Turn

Hopefully I can get some advice for this 2012 sun team

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ground and ice types will destroy you. Look out for kyurem blacks and regular which are getting using a lot in OU now. Mamoswine can screw you over as well. Your whole team is weak to ice and ground. Oh, and nice job using starmie on a sun team .-.
is that a bad thing? I'm learning the important tips of OU
Ok, here are suggestions.

For ninetales, I don't understand you using two status moves as you can only one per pokemon. change toxic for nasty plot or hypnosis to protect

Venusaur is great, maybe but more evs in speed and whats up with the IVS?

Replace surf for recover on starmie and use life orb. Sun weakens water.

I will do more later, and somebody needs replaced.
Ok, becuase I knew this team wasn't to great
Other than Salamence and Hetran, this looks like my sun team...
Pika, Starmie isn't bad on Sun ._.
many people have Starmie on Sun team

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