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Any help or suggestions with new deck for a new player.

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Hi all,

I am making my first deck after 10+ years in MTG so I am open to any and all suggestions.

-Energy Removal x2
-Gold Potion x1 (Emergency situations?)
-Bill x3
-Energy Retrieval x3
-Gust of Wind x3
-Roseanne's Research x3
-PETM x3
-Rare Candy x3

-Squirtle x4
-Blastoise (Base Set) x2
-Lapras (Great Encounters) x3
-Luxray GL x2
-Luxray GL Lvl X x1
-Pikachu x4
-Raichu (Heart - Soul) x2
-Raichu Lvl X x1
-Keldeo EX x1
-Black Kyurem EX x1

-Water x9
-Electric x9

Please let me know if this is a decent deck. Also, let me know if there is anything you think I should change, or swap out one card for another. Like some other draw other than Bill for example :P

Thanks for all the help guys! ^^

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To recap:
Pokemon: 22
x4 Squirtle - Needed for evolution.
x1 Wartortle - Needed for evolution and Rare Candy failure.
x3 Blastoise - Deluge is the heart-line for this deck. And its move doesn’t go to terribly with it, either.
x2 Atricuno - Nice power, paralyzing and 50 damage? Nice.
x4 Gible - Needed for evolution.
x1 Gabite - Needed for evolution and Rare Candy failure.
x3 Garchomp - A real nice attacker. It gets right in there and shows the opponent how its done. Low Energy usage lets other cards get the water energy, as well as its easier to attack with minor side effects. Once Spiral Force is released, I recommend possibly switching the Garchomp Line for Kingdra for a great attack that gets energy back into the deck, as well as a 1 water, 30 to 3 pokes attack.
x1 Psyduck - Needed for evolution.
x1 Golduck - Amnesia prevents attacks while Aquafall has a solid 2 for 90 with the discarded water energy, which can be replenished.
x2 Keldeo EX/Mewtwo EX - Allows for those extra energies to be used in mass attack.

Trainers: 18
x4 Rare Candy - To get those Stage-2’s out sooner.
x3 Super Rod - Recycle Energy and pokemon.
x4 Pokemon Communication - Gets the right pokemon out, instead of a useless card waiting in your hand.
x2 Professor Juniper - Gets through the deck quicker and finds the card you need.
x2 Pokemon Catcher - Switches out your opponents pokemon if you need to for any reason.
x3 Cheren - Extra 3 cards. -slow applaud-

Energy: 20
x16 Water Energy - Needed for attack.
x4 Blend Energy WEFS - Needed for Garchomp. Can be subed out for water if you do decide to use Kingdra after it’s released.


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Hey, my name is Rio, and I’ll answer you deck, but I have to make a few changes to modify it to current times, because if you have every card that ranges from base set to current times, its just to many possible cards and it becomes overwhelming.
Just to clarify, this deck doesn't seem to have a clear construction method to it. So, I took that fact that it is either Rain dance or electric, so I decided to make it Rain Dance.
(I apologize, but I don't know what cards you specifically have)
So, I’d like to just limit it to Black and White —> Boundaries Crossed. I hope thats okay. :)

So.. a rain dance deck? We could have some fun with this. :P
For Rain Dance, you’re obviously going to need the Blastoise line.
x4 Squirtle
x1 Wartortle
x3 Blastoise

Okay, the reason I chose those numbers is because its always a good idea to have x4 of your main card. So x4 Squirtle.
I then plan to add in Rare Candy, yet its a good idea to have at least x1 Wartortle, just in case you either can’t get a Rare Candy out, or a trainer-block deck is facing you. And x3 Blastoise because its the heart line of your deck, and there should always be one on the bench, just in case one is KOed, which is likely because it is a prime target, a first to be taken out.

Next, we’re going to need some other Water types to add so the purpose of this deck isn’t defeated. I want you to experiment with:

x2 Articuno
x4 Gible
x1 Gabite
x3 Garchomp
x1 Psyduck
x1 Golduck
x2 Keldeo EX

If you would wish, you could try adding Mewtwo instead of Keldeo for some type mix-up and a nice, general surprise for the opponent. And I like to add Mewtwo to everything. :P
x2 Mewtwo EX

Well, this deck has a lot of nice, pure power that can really build up and can get out there QUICK due to Deluge. Atricuno and Golduck are there for some nice power, as well as a stand-still due to its attacks that stop the opponent from attacking. I just love Garchomp, and it doesn’t use a lot of Energy, so it leaves the rest for the other energy-hoarders that fit into this deck.
Keldeo EX/Mewtwo EX are there for solid back-up. If all else fails, these guys could come in and due to their massive-energy attacks, they can do a lot of serious damage.
This deck has a lot of straight-to-the-point cards. Get energy, hit hard and effectively.


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But, its going to need some Trainers to help it get up to speed quickly.
I suggest:

x4 Rare Candy
x3 Super Rod
x4 Pokemon Communication
x2 Professor Juniper
x2 Pokemon Catcher
x3 Cheren

x4 Rare Candy to achieve Stage 2 faster, and is a must imo if you run two 2-stage evolutions. Super Rod is to get Energy out, as well as some pokemon that find their way into the discard pile. I prefer to use Professor over N because with N, you just shuffle what you have into your deck though with Juniper, you get rid of it so you can get to what you want faster. Some Catchers if youre ever in a dilemma and/or want an easy KO, and x3 Cheren to get some extra cards into your hand. And Pokemon Communication because its a nice way to switch out some useless Pokemon for useful ones. :P

And the rest go to Energy. :D
I’d like to put a few Blend Energies into this deck for Garchomp, and the rest go to Blastoise for his ability.

x16 Water Energy
x4 Blend Energy WEFS


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How this deck functions:
The classic Rain Dance deck. Blastoise is #1 thing to get out right away, along with an attacking pokemon to start the game. It is crucial, but this deck provides flexibility due to Garchomp, which would also be a nice card to get out there right away. You then have Blastoise on the bench while your main attackers (Atricuno,Golduck, Garchomp) do their thing, fighting a brutal battle. Blastoise could also be an attacker, if absolutely necessary. If all else fails on the battle frontier, you could use Keldeo/Mewtwo to pull you back into the races. They can dominate. Your Trainers are their for support, but aren’t heavily relied on, which makes this deck custom. Energies are energies, and must be used wisely.

Hmm... I guess thats it for now.
I hope I didn't alter the deck too much, but I didn't see a clear reasoning for the construction, so I thought Rain Dance would be something nice to try. :D

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