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In addition to links, it would be great if you could include the names of the cards. I can identify all the cards just by knowing name and what set they are from, so that would make my job a lot easier.
Sorry trachy, could you answer them now?
Just something that caught my eye, If I'm correct, you can only have 4 Special Energy cards, so you have 16 more Heal Energy then permitted, if using the current format. Secondly, you don't need 35 energies.

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Well... I'm pretty confused right now. You say this is a deck with two EX cards. But you don't have the two EX cards pictured. So yeah...
Oh, this deck is also breaking a number of rules. First off, the card count is at 62. You have 20 of a Special Energy, which is also against the rules. Not only that, but the Special Energy in question is from the EX set of cards (Gen III cards) which have not been allowed for use for years. Also not allowed are your Gen IV series cards.
Now besides the rule breaking, you also have way too many Energy cards. Hell, that would be too many even if you were playing in ye olde days(e) where SER and ER were running rampant. In the current style of play, that is just way too many. You'll lose as your opponent plays Trainer after Trainer to force you into compromising situations. Then on your turn, the best you can do is place an Energy on your Pokemon. Considering your lack of knowledge of the rules and such, running two Stage 2 lines will not be a good idea, especially since you lack any search Trainers. Multiple Stage 2 lines are difficult to pull off, it takes a bit of mastery of the game to make use of them. That one of these lines leads to an unimpressive end with Stoutland makes matters worse.

Now for the deck. Let's start by taking out all the Energy and Trainers. We can build them up later after we have a better idea of what the Pokemon in the deck are looking like. The Arcanine line isn't all too powerful, so that will be taken out. Victini is Catcher bait and isn't helping the deck all too much. So we'll replace it for more powerful basics. The Stoutland line will also be removed. We'll also take out the Blaziken line. Reshiram is better than it. While Blaziken is more powerful, Reshiram is close to its power and is a basic, making it much more worth it than Blaziken.

We'll start off by replacing your Larvesta. While the 80 HP is nice, Take Down decreases its bulk. So replace the two you have with three of these: http://serebii.net/card/noblevictories/019.shtml
We'll then add four Reshiram and two Entei EX for some basic power. Since Volcarona lacks in evolutionary power, we'll add two Darmanitan and three Darumakka, who can cause heavy damage without discarding Energy.

As for Energy, 15 should be enough. Definately not 35...

That leaves us with 27 Trainers. Let's go with two Juniper, two Pokemon Communication, three Cilan, three Max Potion, four Cheren, four Catchers, four Super Rod, four Skyla, and one Gold Potion.

Final Deck: 60

Pokemon: 18

x3 Larvesta
x2 Volcarona
x3 Darumakka
x2 Darmanitan
x4 Reshiram
x2 Bouffalant
x2 Entei EX

Trainers: 27

x4 Cheren
x4 Pokemon Catcher
x4 Super Rod
x4 Skyla
x3 Cilan
x3 Max Potion
x2 Professor Juniper
x2 Pokemon Communication
x1 Gold Potion

Energy: 15

x15 Fire

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Oh wow. I feel as if I don't know anything about TCG now. Thanks a ton trachy.
Dont worry. I felt like that too. Jusy try to learn as much as you can.
Trachy, do you think im ready to answer a TCG deck Q?
MF, I bet you are. And I am ahead of you by 58 points in the Pokebase!! :p
Well that's changed a lot. xP
Yeah. It has XD
And now even more.