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so far this team is 5-2 but i would like some thing that could prove it if possible...

Kyogre @ Leftovers
Trait: Drizzle
Modest Nature
EVs: 252 SAtk/ 252 HP/ 4 SDef
- Thunder
- Water Spout
- Ice Beam
- Surf
Sets rain, then hits hard. Bulk investment lets it take a few shots and retaliate accordingly. STAB Water Spout gives extra hurt to anything that tries to set up while Kyogre is at full HP in Ran.

Dialga @ Leftovers
Trait: Pressure
Shiny: No
Bold Nature
EVs: 252 HP/ 186 Def/ 72 SDef
- Dragon Pulse
- Aurasphere
- Stealth Rock
- Roar
Defensive Pivot; Sets up Rocks, then can Phaze or Go on the offensive. Dragon Pulse and Aurasphere provide great coverage within Ubers, and have no drawbacks to limit Dialga's lifespan.

Genesect @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Download
Shiny: No
Hasty Nature
EVs: 252 Spe/ 252 SAtk/ 4 Atk
- Ice Beam
- Giga Drain
- Focus Blast
- U-Turn
Scarfed Revenge Killer/Scout. I went for Giga Drain and Focus Blast over Thunderbolt and Flamethrower since Genesect lacks Recovery and Flamethrower takes a 50% Nerf in the Rain.

Giratina-Altered @ Leftovers
Trait: Pressure
Careful Nature
EVs: 252 HP/ 252 SDef/ 4 Def
- Dragon Tail
- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Will-O-Wisp
TrollaTina :) i have trolled the bejeezus out of $tar Power and Poke'Slash with this set, and it is still every bit as entertaining.

Thundurus @ Life Orb
Trait: Prankster
Naive Nature
EVs: 252 Spe/ 252 SAtk/ 4 Def
- Thunder
- Hidden Power Ice
- Taunt
- Thunder Wave
Mainly serves as an Anti-Lead and also cripples Scarfers and Set Up Sweepers. HP Ice hits the plethora of Dragons running loose in ubers and Thunder is STAB and 100 Acc in Rain.

Arceus @ Lum Berry
Adamant Nature
EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 Spe/ 4 SDef
- ExtremeSpeed
- Recover
- Swords Dance
- Shadow Claw
Its an XtremeKiller set. yes, its cliché, yes its predictable, yes its not one tiny bit original.... which is proof that this set is amazing.

anyway, feel free to rip this team apart and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

thanks :)

and $P i have got a new OU team with your name on it. once i have more data i will show it off to you :P
@Trachy lolwut?

@SD with Deoxys-S,Manaphy, and Darkrai left I owned you + rain was up :3
yeah i know. Deoxys-S and Taunt.... i can still taste the bitter regret that i didn't pack Genesect on that team to shut it down...
You should replace focus blast with Techno Blast and have Genosect hole the Douse Drive to turn Techno Blast into a water type move so it can be buffed by the rain.
then i would lose ability to revenge kill without the scarf, and Focus Blast is better coverage over all the entirety of the Uber Tier.

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I recently got back into Ubers so I think I shall rate.

enter image description here

Your using a Specs set and spread with leftovers. Specs is just as bulky and only lacks leftovers recovery which it makes up for when you almost 2hko a Ferrothorn with a 4x resistant Water Spout. So personally I would you Specs.

enter image description here
Though Dialga is rather defensively bulky it is a better idea to invest in Sdef. This allows it to take hits from Pokémon like Palkia and Kyogre better. Its Def is already pretty good and Giratina-A is actually bulkier thanks to its massive Hp stat. Dialga is a great special wall thanks to typing. Pair that with a defensive Giratina and you have a nice little core.
So as much as I hate suggesting standard sets, I'm suggesting standard Sdefensive set.

Dialga @leftovers
Pressure | Modest | 252 HP | 56 SAtk | 200 SDef
Draco Meteor | Thunder/Fire Blast | Stealth Rock | Roar

enter image description here
This guy is actually a bit of a monster in Ubers boasting 2 120 base offensive stats with Download and a brilliant movepool to compliment its Atk. Though you are going for the exact same setup as everyone else I have seen. U-turn is possibly the best move in the game. Genesect has stab and a possible download boost to use U-turn very effectively. So why give it Hasty and no Atk investment then? A max attack Neutral natured Genesect hits 339 Atk. With a Download boost it can deal 50% to Specogre. Its a new tier and you nee to adapt the sets so they fit the tier. Giga Drain and Ice Beam even with the SAtk boost will not be hitting any of the tier hard excluding a few. Try this set, I find it works wonders and not only boasts power but gives you the upper hand in momentum.

Genesect @choice scarf
Download | Naïve | 248 Atk | 4 Def | 32 SAtk | 224 Speed
U-turn | Explosion | Ice Beam | Iron Head

Anyway the evs lets it out speed scarfed base 90s and 95s meaning your still out speeding everything it would with max speed apart from opposing Genesects in what would have been a speed tie. U-turn ohkos Kyogre with a crit which is nice. Iron Head is a nice stab that should deal nice damage to anything not resisting it after boost. It also nails the oh so common Kyurem-W. Ice Beam is primarily for Rayquaza and the 32 Satk investment means even without the boost it will always ko Rayquaza. Explosion with a download boost is almost unstoppable. It may seem inconvenient and you will not find yourself using it so often but it takes out any major threats like lets say Arceus. Though U-turn will be your main move being able to damage the foe very nicely while keeping momentum.

enter image description here
A physically defensive set benefits your team better with the changes being made so just switch round the evs and use Impish. Apart from that its great.

enter image description here
I hate this thing in Ubers. I see it in Ubers because its a tad unbalanced in Ou. It has no real niche to it. It lacks bulk and its stab Thunder will be doing not much more than Kyogre Thunder if not less. Personally I prefer its brother, Thundurus-T as it has decent speed but a much better Satk and Volt Absorb. It doesn't synergise with the team well to add.

Try Mewtwo it hits 1000x harder

enter image description here
Mewtwo @choice specs/Scarf
Pressure | Timid | 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Speed
Psystrike | Aura Sphere | Fire Blast/Thunder | Shadow Ball

enter image description here

Sorry the finished answer did not come sooner.

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You left Ubers? :o Why did you ever leave?!
dont use fire blast one mewtwo,its rain
why not replace fire blast with... uh, nasty plot.