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Well, i haven't been building teams lately, just trying out old one's... and tbh, i love this team and what it can do. I'm trying to have stable teams for Rain, Sand, and a new go at a sun team. (i suck at Hail btw, so don't ask) Well, grab some Popcorn or something, and enjoy the team the are about to witness. It's 26-3 atm, and i'm liking it

Ze quick preview (Not skipping allowed xP)

Ze team Descriptions with some sexy pictures

Ninetales @ Leftovers
enter image description here
Trait: Drought
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HP
Timid Nature
- Pain Split
- Substitute
- Fire Blast
- SolarBeam

What can i I say? i love this thing. i wanted to try something that wasn't your typical Ninetales set, so i decided to go for something that caught my eye with Ninetales movepool. It gets both Pain Split AND Substitute, so why not use both? It actually works pretty decently against Earth Power Heatran's on opposing sun teams, and easily rapes Blissey, Chansey, and Jellicent in the rain, where my 2 attacking moves don't function well. Talking about attacking moves, i haz Fire Blast cause it's STAB and cause it just rapes Ferrothorn, Forretress, and steel types when im in Sand, where they reside when they are not in Rain teams. Honestly, i just felt like putting Solarbeam in there for the hell of it... you could say it works well against Ground, Rock, and Water types, but with the omnipresence of weather in OU, it's quite hard to use, seeing that i will have to wait a deadly turn if my sun disappears, and that is something i can't risk in weather wars or in general.

Venusaur @ Life Orb
enter image description here
Trait: Chlorophyll
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 Atk
Naive Nature
- Earthquake
- Giga Drain
- Sleep Powder
- Hidden Power [Ice]

Well, here you have it. Your typical Chlorophyll abuser in a Sun team :P. Honestly, this guy works best when mixed. Not your typical Growth set, but rather a different set with A LOT of potential. Earthquake is nice vs a couple of things... the pink Blobs, electric types, Fire types, and good to deal damage when i need it. Giga Drain is STAB, of course, and a little nice way to heal up some damage this guy may have taken from either it's Life Orb, to Entry Hazards, or just been hit by another poke. Sleep Powder it what this set is made around of, and honestly, it brings me joy and rage. That 75% accuracy is to blame. But nonetheless, it gets most of the things i need to shut down to sleep. And HP Ice is to take care of the Flying pokes, the Grass Pokes, the Flying-Ground pokes, the Dragon pokes, and everything in between. :)

Raikou @ Life Orb
enter image description here
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HP
Rash Nature
- Weather Ball
- Aura Sphere
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power [Ice]

Ok, this guy right here is my baby. Yes, i gave birth to this thing >.> Anyways, the only thing wrong with him is, he need Volt Absorb already. Weather Ball is my main move on this set, as no one (trust me, NO ONE) expects a Weather Ball, backed up by a weather boost (in Rain and Sun) and catches Haxrachi (which pisses me off when used against me xD), Metagross, Scizor, and Skarmory, thinking they can go in there and wreck stuff or set up. Aura Sphere is mainly for Ferrothorn, when i don't have sun up for a nice Weather Ball, and works nicely vs ice types and the pink Blobs. Thunderbolt is STAB, rape vs flying and water types, and hits anything hard, if it doesn't resist. HP ice is again, a backup if i need to take down a Ground type and Gliscor and Landorus.

Conkeldurr @ Leftovers
enter image description here
Trait: Iron Fist
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature
- Substitute
- Bulk Up
- Ice Punch
- Drain Punch

This right here is the defenition of countering Ferrothorn :D. People never expect a Substitute on a conk, and that's exactly what i do, piss em off. Sub helps me to avoid any Leech Seed, Status, and helps do one thing, set up :). With Bulk Up, i basically get a free + Attack + Defense boost when either 1, people will try to switch or 2, people will try to attack me. Either way, i have Drain punch to make sure that troll Ferrothorn won't be coming back for seconds. Ice Punch is for everything else, that doesn't get hit by Drain punch, or will get hit with more damage by it. Also rapes any Dragon in OU, except for Kyurem-B, which doesn't like Drain Punch, so it's all good. Only problem is, this Conk doesn't appreciate Jellicent, so that's one thing i have to be careful for.

Deoxys-Defense @ Leftovers
enter image description here
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 100 SDef / 218 HP / 188 Spd
Calm Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Spikes
- Recover
- Taunt

My sexy Wall <3. Will honestly take any move, some with ease, others, not so much. Stealth Rock and Spikes are to set up, and make my other teammates have to work less and boost less to kill opposing pokes. Recover obviously for recovery, and makes sure that Deoxys-D can come back in and set up hazards once more (if spun away already) or just go to take a hit. Taunt is nice, as with this IV's Spread, i can take on Max speed Cloyster, SubStall Gliscors, and other crap very down with just one Taunt, as all of those are very anoying to the team.

Salamence @ Leftovers
enter image description here
Trait: Intimidate
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
Jolly Nature
- Dragon Dance
- Dragon Claw
- Fire Fang
- Earthquake

Well, i decided to experiment, since everyone just suggests ScarfMence nowadays :/. So i went and tried 2 things. One, i need to have Salamence survive to set up a Dragon Dance, i put Intimidate, instead of the expected Moxie. Also, no one expects DDance anymore, as they are all scarfed, Banded, or Mixed now. Dragon Claw rapes, and chosen over Outrage as i dont want to be locked into it, and be easy Ferrothorn bait to Leech Seed me or Paralyze me with a Thunder Wave. Fire Fang is to counter him, as to many other Steel, Grass, and Ice types, which the last one is the one that worries Salamence the most. Earthquake is to counter Heatran, as i really don't like him when using tis team. Also nice vs steels in da Rain, good vs Electric types and Fire types. Loving this guy, as he can come in anytime he wants and rip teams apart.

Well, hope ya like it. Jackass extended my contract for a bit more, so Welcome to Jackass :)

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Ummm. Deoxys-D is Taunt bait right there!
I know and am well aware of it...
You think Raikou is feelin' sexy now. Try using one in Hail.
Thunderbolt + Weather Ball (Ice) is pretty much heavenly.
Lol, i would use it in Hail, but sadly, i suck at it >.>
Looks like my team but without a Deoxys( Gardevoir) and  Conkeldurr(Mega Lucario)

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